This great challenge has for main objective to encourage the start-up community

LPG Week is WLPGA’s flagship event that was launched in Amsterdam in 2019 during the 32nd World LPG Forum and 2019 European Congress. It includes the full LPG value chain under an umbrella of upstream summits; meetings; workshops on trading and shipping; training; a start-up village; business and networking opportunities; government regulatory seminars; and more. LPG Week will provide greater value for a wider range of participants than ever before. Whatever your stake in the LPG industry, whether you are a producer, a shipper, a trader, a distributor, a manufacturer, a government representative or even a consumer, LPG Week is for you.

Traditionally the LPG industry has relied on expertise from within the industry to tackle its challenges. Many of the future challenges that the industry will face will demand new thinking from people with fresh, smart minds who are perhaps outside of the LPG industry. The success of the first World LPG Challenge competition in 2019 resulted in a decision by the WLPGA to run the Challenge as an annual event as part of LPG Week.

The World LPG Challenge’21, sponsored by Anova, PERC and Suburban Propane, will continue to aim to encourage the start-up community to bring innovative solutions to help solve some of the biggest challenges facing the LPG industry. Hosted during LPG Week on Wednesday 8th December 2021, it is a call to companies and start-ups to engage with the LPG industry to solve the challenges that it is facing.

The topic for the Challenge ‘21 focuses on seeking innovating measures to improve the safety of operations throughout the downstream LPG value chain, for both the packed (cylinders) and bulk sectors. What innovating measures can be created for the industry to improve safety when transporting LPG through the distribution channel to the end user? How can LPG cylinders be better handled and distributed to reduce safety incidents? What can be done to improve safety when transporting bulk LPG from the storage tank to bulk road tankers and railcars, to the customers facilities?

We want to hear your innovative ideas to create a safer environment for transporting LPG through the distribution channel and support the already good safety record that the industry has. Applications are open, find out all details about the event here: World LPG Challenge’21 · LPG Week

Taking up the Challenge is an opportunity for start-up companies to engage with the LPG industry, and present new solutions. All the finalists will be offered a complimentary pass to LPG Week in Dubai. In addition, the finalists will be provided with a complimentary pop-up booth within the exhibition area. The winners of the World LPG Challenge’21 will receive a financial prize from a total prize pool in excess of $10,000.

For more information on the World LPG Challenge’21 contact David Tyler at

Consult the LPG Week website for the full programme and for additional information contact Esther Assous at

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